Internationally acclaimed leader in price to quality ratio. Additional Savings. What attracts half a million customers a year to our pharmacy? We make efforts learning the demand in products and services, and providing the best supply.

  • Lowest price offers
  • Verified drug quality
  • Bonus pills every time
  • Free shipping deals
  • Best choice of drugs
  • Best shipping methods
  • Payment security
  • Full confidentiality
  • Complimentary services
  • Informational support


eg: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Female Viagra

Every need and expectation covered

Consumers today are used to having ample choice as far as online retailers go. Is it always so hard to choose? It certainly is not, if you are a demanding shopper. When you filter out retailers with unsavory prices and products, your choice is narrowed down to the precious few, and our website is easily one of them. Here, you will find all you need at the prices you can afford, and with the accompanying service that adds value.

We consistently supersede your expectations

When you think that the cost of high quality drugs and personal hygiene / cosmetic products cannot go any lower, we work out a system of bringing the price through an elaborate inventory of innovative discount tools.

When you think the quality of pills you order online cannot be verified, we engage our in-house pharmacy technicians or outsource unbiased experts in the field to run the products we supply through a multi-point checking system.

And used as you may be with feeling spoiled by our personal servicing, we still can take it a notch up every now and then, as our drugstore evolves in sync with the company’s growth.

How to we make that happen? We are good listeners; we care for our customers have to say about in their feedback, and we painstakingly root out practices that are less than stellar. Believing that our flexibility of prices and rigidness of ethics is what ultimately helps you to achieve best health results with the minimal cost.



Effective drugs against prostate diseases, hormonal issues, sexual problems and other conditions ailing male patients


Elaborately assorted, this group can be singled out in a separate cluster: find ED drugs of every type, dose and cost


We help you take better care of asthma and related conditions with affordable drugs that greatly improve life quality


High-quality life-saving anti-bacterial drugs that cannot be replaced: a diversified range of antibiotics for low prices

Why Choose US

Our drugstore in numbers

We do not expect you to take our words and promises for granted, so we have compiled a comprehensive table that brings together the latest statistics on how we are doing.

*Transportation cost is not included
Number of customers, thousands192250460
Average purchase, $205287254
Number of products, items392803500
Sales, $ millions7971117

Our share of the Canadian pharmaceutical market today is 0.38%, and this number is growing quickly. With our Canada-based staff being limited to only 48 employees, we have no choice but to be extremely efficient in order to beat the competition. Every one of our employees is a treasured member of the team that now features:

  • 12 licensed pharmacists, two of whom are certified as supervisors;
  • 4 buying agents;
  • 4 QA managers;
  • 3 IT workers;
  • 4 support service managers;
  • 7 administrative employees;
  • 8 warehouse employees;
  • 4 logisticians;
  • 2 delivery workers.

Apart from our permanently employed core staff in Canada, we outsource some of our work to contracted professionals located abroad. These are attorneys who make sure we always operate within the law; accountants and administrators who draw up the paperwork; QA managers and pharmaceutical technicians whose job is to check that the medicines we distribute adhere to the strictest quality and safety standards; logisticians and courier companies that ensure our products are always in stock and can be delivered to our customers in a timely manner; customer support managers and online chat operators; web developers, content managers, and many others.


Improving Our Services Is the Way to Prove Our Legitimacy

It has been two years since we reviewed our sales strategy and chose to extend our product portfolio to include the most crucial and in-demand medicines outside the traditional ED drug scope. This whole time, we have been working hard to develop a network of trusted suppliers who fully meet our requirements and can help us build up the assortment of goods with a perfect ratio of price and quality.

Millions of people from around the world visit our websites every year, with several hundred thousand of them proceeding to become our returning customers. We feel exceptionally honored that so many customers choose to trust us with their healthcare needs, and we fully understand our great responsibility to our clients. Quoting our Supervising Pharmacist, Lucas Robertson, MD, who was interviewed by experts from a reputed health resource: «The quality is what matters».

Today, when selecting medications for our online drugstores, we stick to the best and time-tested quality verification practices. In the next couple of years, we also plan to re-organize our QA and Purchase departments to ensure that buying agents and pharmaceutical technicians work in closer cooperation, which should ultimately lead to even higher customer satisfaction. Dr. Robertson will be in charge of this new formation, supervising both the quality control and pricing policies. In other words, our intentions are to provide our clients with a wider choice of top-notch medications at a lower price without compromising their quality or safety.

Expected Price Drop

As our product range expands and our sales volumes continue to grow, we now have more freedom in negotiating discounts with our trusted vendors. Many of our new contracts feature greatly improved terms, which let us purchase products from suppliers at reduced rates and further sell those to our customers with a notable discount. Our prices for ED drugs are among the most affordable ones, and we plan to do the same with the rest of our pharmaceutical assortment. By reviewing old contracts and optimizing our purchase practices, we hope to be able to offer our clients a 3-5% price drop in 2020.

Latest Challenges and Plans

In 2019, MCP channeled its efforts in widening the assortment of products, proving its credibility to the customers, and battling multiple clones.


The past few years have brought up quite a few unexpected challenges for us. Specifically, Canadian Pharmacy is now forced to prove its credibility to its customers. The activity of multiple clones, who illegally operate in the pharmaceutical market, using the same name as ours, has damaged our reputation, causing many customers to doubt our integrity. It will take us a lot of time and hard work to win back their trust.

Clones Seize the Market

As technologies have become more accessible and manageable, our online pharmacy has found itself in a rather difficult situation. The number of fake drugstores that imitate our brand is dangerously high, which endangers the reputation we have been working 16 years to build (our first e-pharmacy project was launched back in 2003). In the light of these grave circumstances, we now have to once again prove our trustworthiness to people who have been discouraged by unethical and downright illegal actions undertaken by the clones.

To eliminate the risk of your running into a fake drugstore pretending to be us, we have created a list of useful recommendations. They will help you know when you are dealing with the real brand website and when it is safe to make a purchase:

  1. If you are a returning customer of our pharmacy who plans to continue shopping on our website, we suggest that you add the address of this site to your Favorites to make sure you never mistake it for anything else.
  2. Pay attention to our copyrighted logo. Even though our online pharmacy has a few websites and landing pages geared towards different markets, they all operate under the same brand. Always check to see if you can find the recognizable red maple leaf image followed by the name of the company and our slogan: «We ship to all destinations worldwide!» If all these attributes are in place, the chances are you are dealing with the legitimate store.
  3. Check the physical address on the website. We are headquartered in Canada with the sole branch office located in Pittsburgh, USA. We do not have other business units or representatives anywhere in the USA or around the world.

A Decade of High-Profile Experience

We have been around since 2003, earning customer trust and years of valuable experience, extending our expertise.

Great user experience

Nine out of ten customers report our services as excellent; the needs underwhelmed customers are invariably met post-factum.

Special Money-Saving Offers

My Canadian Pharmacy is synonymous with budget shopping: our low prices are made lower still by promotion sales, discount codes and more.


The brand in the words of your fellow-shoppers

I surely felt the difference when summing up our quarterly expenses for drugs. I appreciate low prices, good quality and reliable shipping. MCP is a dependable service and I never fail to recommend to our friends and family.

Jennifer, Sanfransicso Area

I can count of being helped out by advice or in a more practical way any time I have a problem. The prices are great, the quality, too. What else can one wish for?

Daniel, Atlanta, GA

Loyalty Programs, Discounts, and Promos

When we were just starting in 2003, our long-term ambition was to become an affordable pharmaceutical healthcare partner for millions of people worldwide. We still operate with this aim in view. For this very reason, in addition to our below-average prices, we always try to treat our regular customers to further discounts and bonuses. The accumulative discount program implemented in our online drugstore allows clients to enjoy lower prices, the more products they buy from us.

To join the program, you need to sign up with your email address, and all the eligible discounts will apply automatically. There is also an option to receive a personalized discount for a one-time purchase whose total value exceeds $400. Contact us at to request a discount coupon. Also, feel free to forward here your questions about how to join our loyalty program and enjoy even more substantial savings when purchasing your meds. Please note that our pharmacy often holds various limited-time promotional events aimed at attracting new customers and motivating our existing clients to stay with us. If you do not want to miss out on any exciting offers, sign up for our newsletter and monitor the website regularly.

My Canadian Pharmacy Loyalty Program
Purchase volume, $Discount, %
from $3002.5
from $7505
from $15007.5
from $250010

Participate in our loyalty program and derive even more benefits from mail-ordering your drugs from us. The program is available to join for anyone who has placed at least two separate orders with our pharmacy. If eligible for this exclusive offer, email us at, detailing your ordering history. Upon verifying the information you give us, our managers will provide you with a link to our special Canadian drugstore where you will find virtually any medication at a considerably reduced price!

Quality assessment

We have different quality assurance procedures for when we are dealing with wholesalers or immediate drug manufacturers. To ensure the highest possible quality and safety of our products, we use Canada's Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, as well as WHO medicines quality assurance guidelines.

When doing business with drug manufacturers directly, we take the following precautions:

  • we study all the available data on the manufacturer collected from several independent sources;
  • we ask the manufacturer to send us all the applicable documents verifying its legal status, licenses and permissions, production certification, etc.;
  • we carefully examine the existing QA procedures the manufacturer uses in the production (this includes incoming, internal, and outgoing quality control standards);
  • we conduct optional production audit (for principal suppliers only);
  • we ask to be sent product samples for thorough chemical analysis at one of our trusted independent labs;
  • we only purchase drugs that have received the approval of Health Canada (if not, we request that the manufacturer should seek such approval on their own);
  • we complete our assessment forms and approve or reject the manufacturer.

When cooperating with wholesalers, we do not examine the manufacturer’s QA procedures or conduct an audit of the production. Instead, we take great care to verify the credibility of the wholesaler and review the QA practices they employ. If the wholesaler’s integrity and reliability have been proven, and we intend to do business with them, we may sometimes request certain products for random lab tests.

In the years 2022-23, we expect to open our own Canada-based laboratory and further deepen our partnership with independent lab facilities abroad, which will allow us to do drug quality monitoring closer to our warehouses in third countries.


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