Keeping Track of the Location of Your Order

Keeping Track of the Location of Your Order

Our mission is to provide them with access to affordable drugs and a chance to live a pain-free life. We also realize that delivery is a crucial stage in the process, that is why we work with reliable transportation companies that strictly follow the agreed delivery terms. When it comes to medicines, every day counts. In case a package is delayed, a customer has to interrupt the treatment course or to buy medicines at a local drugstore and at much higher prices. Such difficulties may absolutely spoil the shopping experience, so, we make every effort to secure our clients from them.

Sure, there are situations when delays are associated with neither our mistakes nor the negligence of a postal service, for example, the problem may be associated with customs procedures. In such cases, nothing depends on us. Still, we can provide you with the information on the current location of your package, so that you avoid extra stress and have the opportunity to work out a backup plan if necessary.

How to find out the location of the order?

  1. Enter a tracking code in the field below and e-mail.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Wait several seconds.

The tracking code itself will be sent to you after you place an order. In case you face any difficulties or have any questions about tracking or any other aspect of our services, feel free to contact us via phone or chat.

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