Reorder Your Meds: Repeat Prescriptions

Regularity is the habit

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition which requires a regular supply of powerful prescription medications on time, repeat online prescriptions will come in handy.

Medicines like these will be useful if you:

  • Live in a rural area with an insufficient amount of regular drugstores;
  • Don’t have a possibility to visit your physician regularly dealing with your health problems on your own or with the help of telemedicine services;
  • Have to use a rare medication that is practically impossible to buy in your area;
  • Don’t have spare time to spend on regular purchases of the meds — in this case, our staff members can contact your physician to find out more about your current health indicators and provide you with proper and timely delivery.

Maintenance Medications to Reorder

Maintenance medications are prescribed in case if a patient suffers from long-term illnesses and chronic conditions that can’t be eliminated. The meds should be taken regularly according to the instructions of your doctor.

Maintenance drugs are common for those who suffer from:

  • High levels of cholesterol;
  • Diabetes;
  • Blood pressure problems;
  • Heart problems;
  • Stomach conditions;
  • Muscle pains.

Maintenance drugs are also prescribed to patients recovering after chemotherapy and surgery. Patients suffering from opiate addiction should also take these medications on a long-term basis. Managing maintenance medications is hard for inexperienced clients, and our specialists are ready to help you out.

You’ll Need a Prescription to Reorder

Drugs like these are highly effective. No one has the right to sell them without an appropriate prescription from your physician. As soon as you get your online order basing on the official information we obtain from your doctor, you get the right for a reordering (refill) procedure. The first refills are thoroughly checked. Then the refills will be delivered regularly following your treatment course.

You can specify information about the refills either on the website or from one of our online staff members. You can order monthly or weekly delivery.

Covered Drugs

My Canadian Pharmacy can supply you with covered drugs provided within the bounds of your health insurance. You’ll get these meds free of charge because your health insurance provider will pay for you. Order covered drugs from us and enjoy regular supply via airmail or courier delivery.

Safety Issues

Make sure that your personal information is not available to anyone who uses the same computer you make your order from. No one should have access to your prescription information or your account. If someone gets access to the data in your account, we bear no responsibility for the inaccuracy. Damage caused by the third parties engaged by our clients can’t be a guarantee case.

We urge our clients not to wait till you run of your maintenance medications. Refill your prescription regularly or subscribe to an annual online prescription plan to get your meds without any fuss. Some circumstances prevent most online customers from getting prompt service. They are holiday seasons, celebrations, and complications occurring at the customs. Reorder your pills from My Canadian Pharmacy and get regular medication support.

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