Swift Shipping & Well-Timed Delivery at My Canadian Pharmacy

Punctuality is the foundation of the pharmaceutical business

My Canadian Pharmacy is a renowned leader in the online pharmaceutical industry running its business not only at home but over the border as well.

This can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • About 20 years of experience in logistics;
  • Properly arranged warehousing services;
  • Global access to customers.

No matter how remote your home is, you’ll get your meds right to your door at the earliest possible date. We regularly receive a large number of questions concerning the shipping and delivery methods. The following information will be of use for the inexperienced users of online drugstores.

Choose the Most Suitable Shipping Method

Well-Timed Delivery

Presently, we offer two shipping methods, which is sufficient for the majority of our clients. We have to point out that our pharmacy does not work with some of the countries and regions over-the-border. You will need to contact our online specialists to specify whether we can help you or not.

AirmailExpress Courier Delivery
  • Cost-effective (about $15 depending on the destination);
  • Relatively fast (up to 21 days);
  • Used for shipping internationally.
  • Pricy (about $25);
  • Fast (takes up to 14 days);
  • Provides the client with a set of additional options (read further).

Airmail is one of the primary and regular ways of sending out drugs. Remember that we do not use airmail in some of the countries. You should also remember that we are not responsible for the delays caused by customs performance.

Courier Delivery is safer and well-timed in most cases. Unfortunately, this option is available only on the territory of the United States. You will have to stick to regular airmail if you’re ordering outside of the USA. We highly recommend that you use courier delivery within the borders of the USA, because we cooperate only with responsible and reliable logistics services.

Courier Delivery PROs

  • A possibility to track your parcel with the help of the tracking number provided by the courier service;
  • An opportunity to re-schedule the delivery for a more convenient time;
  • A possibility to get your parcel overnight or get it as fast as you might need it for an additional payment.

Billing Address & Delivery Address

We ask our clients to specify the billing address and the delivery address. Keep in mind that these are different notions. Billing Address is the one where we send the payment invoice. Delivery Address — is the place where you want us to send your parcel. Be attentive while filling personal information in on the Checkout page to avoid misunderstanding.

Shipping & Delivery Step-By-Step

This is how it works:

  1. You choose the meds;
  2. You share personal information so that we can proceed with the checkout process;
  3. You select the delivery option;
  4. We send the request to the manufacturer to find out whether the needed products are available;
  5. As soon as all items are in stock and properly packed, we contact the delivery service.

Shipping Insurance

It’s an additional service that will cost you about $5.

It will protect your parcel from:

  • Failures of the third-party companies;
  • Malfunctions caused by the shipping service;
  • Damages of the goods produced by anything in the process of delivery.

You’ll either be able to get your money back or repeat the order without any additional payments from your side. Keep in mind that the insurance is free if your order costs you $200 and more.

Return Policy

You have the right to return the goods within two weeks after the delivery.

You’ll receive a full reimbursement if:

  • The quality of the meds and pharmaceutical equipment does not correspond with the one stated on the website.
  • You don’t need the goods anymore. In this case, you’ll only be able to return the goods in their original packaging and unopened.

We try hard to improve our service and enhance our collaboration with the manufacturers of branded and generic medications. We cooperate only with the reliable representatives of the delivery services.

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