Reduce Your Drug Costs to the Minimum with Our Discounts and Coupons!

The main fact you need to know about My Canadian Pharmacy is that we are a company that provides consumers from all over the world with medicines at the lowest possible prices.

We realize that the main difficulty that prevents patients from buying medications they need is high prices. There is a belief that the problem mentioned is relevant to consumers from developing states, mainly, since in such countries the level of incomes is low enough. But, in fact, as of now, in the USA ― a rich country with a well-developed economy ― about 75% of citizens consider drug prices to be unbearable and want their government to take some decisive steps to solve the problem. There are billions of Americans who cannot afford insulin and other vital medications. No need to mention less flourishing countries. We fully comprehend the seriousness of the problem and work hard to provide our customers with the access to high-quality drugs at affordable prices.

Discounts and Coupons

Why Our Prices Are So Cheap?

First of all, one should note that in Canada, like in a range of other countries, drug prices are regulated by the government and, as a result, they are about 80–90% lower than, for instance, in the United States. So, if you come from outside Canada, you can save a substantial sum of money due to the differences in prices solely.

Besides, our platform works on the Internet and it means that we do not have to invest in a large staff or in a network of satellite pharmacies. No doubt, that also contributes to the reduction in prices.

One should also mention that we have been working in this sphere for years, so we have managed to establish strong relationships with manufacturers and to agree on the highly profitable terms of cooperation.

One more thing you need to know about our website. In addition to brand products, we offer generics, i.e. the copies produced by other manufacturers without a patent. Such drugs have the similar formula and effect, but cost less. The difference in price is related to the reduction in production costs and the economies on marketing and developing. So, buying generics you get the products of the same quality and effectiveness at more attractive prices. That`s a great way of saving.

How to Save More with Our Drugstore?

Our team makes every effort to regularly bring joy to our customers by conducting all sorts of promotions. One is offered a whole bunch of advantageous deals every time he visits our website. While working on special offers we take into account multiple factors, including the major tendencies in the market, the personal preferences of our users, the current season and others. For example, in spring you are likely to see a good selection of coupons for discounts on antihistaminic products and vitamins. Sure, our loyal customers can also count on exclusive deals and special conditions. The longer you stay with us, the more money you save.

It is highly advisable to look through all the sales and coupons currently available before placing an order. There is a good chance that you will find an offer that will suit you perfectly. No doubt, it is much more favorable to plan your shopping in advance. In case you take some drug on a regular basis, be sure to check our catalog for the corresponding discount from time to time. There is no need to wait until you run out of your supplies. Most pills can be stored for quite a long period of time, so you can safely buy everything you need during sales and keep that in reserve afterwards.

We proceed from the needs of every customer and currently offer the following coupon codes:

  1. For first-time shoppers (10% discount): FSS10MYPHARMACYPRO
  2. Discount for all ED drugs (7% discount): EDTIMEMYPHARMACYPRO

If you would like to receive a personalized offer from us, drop us a line to, and we will consider your query. If you have previously ordered from us, do remind us your email and order ID.

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