International Drug Mail Orders: Popular Questions About Global Delivery is a global drugstore service with a congenial system of drug dispatching and delivery to any corner of the world. Healthcare should know no boundaries, and therefore we are dedicated to helping customers from other countries in getting access to genuinely budget-friendly pharmaceutical products from Canada.

Targeted help to individuals ordering from overseas

Although the general process of placing an order at our pharmacy is quite simple, there might arise a number of questions related to international orders. Our customer support is always there for you to make matters related to international shipping and customs regulations clear for you. The most popular concerns of foreign customers are:

How do I order prescription drugs from Canada? In case of prescription drugs, certain rules apply. Obviously, you are required to provide a valid prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider. In case you for some reason do not have a prescription for the required medication, we will explain to you how to obtain a prescription using the services of telemedicine, and link you to a reliable healthcare service accredited for issuing prescriptions to individuals outside of Canada and the US.

Is international delivery safe? We at My Canadian Pharmacy use only time-tested shipping with the highest delivery rates. To add a layer of safety, we suggest that you consider buying a shipping insurance for $4.95 (but we will include it for you for free if your order is above $100,00).

What about custom clearance? Different regulations apply to different zones, but the rule of thumb is to order no more than 90 days’ supply of your medications and use them exclusively for your personal needs. The import tax rates will also vary based on the country you are ordering your package into. We suggest you to check with your local customs office in order to calculate the expenses added for the clearance.

How international delivery affects the drug cost? The price fluctuations for the items in our stock, again, largely depend on the country of import. The price differences are determined by the shipping costs, import tax rates, and other factors that you need not calculate all by yourself – just send us a query to

Our pharmacy is responsible for your order up until the moment we hand it out to the delivery service. You will be informed by email when the package leaves our warehouse, and in case this feature is available with the chosen courier service, you will receive a tracking number for your order. We are not directly responsible for any damage done to the package during the transportation, or any eventual delays or loss thereof. We can provide you assistance with establishing the whereabouts of your package up to a point where the courier service used is cooperative.

In matters concerning the customs services of your country, the responsibility for the clearance and additional costs involved lies entirely on the customer. However, we do our best to make the process easier on your side by providing all the required and detailed documentation and invoicing that can be presented at the customs.

For matters associated with minimization of the delivery and customs clearance costs, we can sometimes arrange that your order is shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, when possible (for instance, if your order is made up by homogeneous items or items produced by the same manufacturer).

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