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Dear visitors, please acknowledge the next regulations before using our site to the fullest. Otherwise, contact our support team to follow up with the basic recommendations.

  1. Consent

You are at the site of My Canadian Pharmacy. Visiting it or using any part of the site is carried out under the below-mentioned terms that, in turn, comply with the applicable law. By reading this consent and continuing using our site, you fully and automatically accept the Terms of Use, confirm your acknowledgment with them, and comply with them. If you disagree to comply with these rules but continue to use the site, you are fully responsible for the actions taken. Those parties, who categorically disagree with this consent, we encourage them to leave the site immediately.

  1. Information on Our Products

All details on our medications or services are provided by My Canadian Pharmacy and are intended solely for informational purposes. You can read or follow it on your risk only. Many products, in particular, drugs listed on the site and distributed by us can only be dispensed as prescribed products by a doctor or health care provider. We do not distribute such medications without a prescription and we inform that any other parties who do not require prescription may be bound to legal consequences. Besides, not all the products listed with us are eligible for international shipping.

Once you select one product, there you find its instruction but it does not provide you with complete information. We make it shorter for usability and readability. IF YOU HAVE ANY DISEASE, INTOLERANCE, ALLERGY, YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER WITHOUT DELAY. If you only plan to buy some products listed on the site, you also have to contact your doctor to avoid negative consequences. Only a doctor can give you full medical information about the medicines, and only he can speak of their benefits and side effects related to your body reactions. Note, also drug data may vary by country, so check it with your local medical sources or authorities.

  1. Use of Information

You can freely familiarize yourself with the information posted with us. You can download or use materials such as instructions on drugs, articles, images, audio or video materials but SOLELY FOR PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Otherwise, as per the legislation of Canada, any reproduction, copying or duplication of any information from our site is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of MCP. Data presented on the site is protected by copyright. For additional information, refer to the Security and Privacy Terms page.

  1. Trademarks

All goods names such as of drugs, health supplements or other products mentioned on the site, regardless of how they are specified: in regular or large print or italics, the ones accompanied with a trademark symbol or the ones without, are all trademarks of MCP and its partners. Our experts also reserve the right to make references to patents, technologies, innovations, products, processes or any ownership rights of MCP or its constituent partners. The usage of these trademarks and other objects of intellectual property without the previous consent of the copyright owner is illegal and may be subject to law enforcement.

Note, all the information on medical products such as instruction, benefits, dosages, side effects is taken from the manufacturer. We do not add irrelevant information and we do not hide information on adverse reactions from the clients. However, for more information when buying one or another product with us, we wait for you to consult your doctor to avoid intolerance.

All the medications have supportive documents and licenses to be dispensed on the pharmaceutical market. The documents include data on the manufacturer and expiry dates. Besides, they are not dispensed without an opaque package.

  1. Viruses or Hacking

The encryption of data allows us to protect and store information. We strictly monitor fraud activity and unauthorized access. Designated pages for billing or ordering are safe to proceed. So, any clients who are scared about their credentials may use our site assured they are the parties who are subject to be protected.

  1. Discounts

At any time possible, our pharmacy may organize special offers, hot deals or discounts. The same at any time we may cut them down from the goods catalog. We are not responsible for the events when you miss the hot deal on required medication but we ensure our customers that the prices are already reduced compared to the competitors or other distributors.

  1. Disclaimer Form

Even though our experts make tremendous efforts to ensure the accuracy, validity, and relevance of any data found on our site, it may contain technical or typographical discrepancies. Our experts reserve the right to make amendments, corrections, updates or improvements to the information or products and programs that this information speaks about, at any time and without any previous notice. However, for our users’ convenience, we may mention whether one or another data such as article was modified, so they will possess only the latest information.

Visitors of the site should carefully evaluate the information as far as we do not bear responsibility for instructions obtained from the manufacturers. If you find the prices strange or exorbitant, we may guarantee that they are mentioned in the value requested by the manufacturer. We do only change the final price by providing a discount or special offer.

Please, never buy drugs without previous consultation with a doctor. Do not be too confident that you know what is best for you. Our pharmacists provide clients with consultations but by no means, they substitute one received from your healthcare provider.

If you want to get to know more, please contact our support team. We accept inquiries 24/7.

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