Feel Secure and Confidential with Our Website

The below-mentioned policies and regulations dictate the ways in which My Canadian Pharmacy protects, collects, retrieves, stores and uses the data collected from the individuals who both apply for our services and who solely visit the site for informational purposes. By using this site, any party is bound to agree with the conditions mentioned and described below. Any party should also acknowledge that My Canadian Pharmacy AT ANY TIME may change, update or delete these policies.

Note, we handle any personal data in accordance with the Privacy Terms which are valid during your using our site. On this page, we would like users and customers to be informed that some of the information can be disclosed, for example, for surveying purposes and conducting statistics that allow us to understand the targeted audience. However, this information is not revealed to other parties. If you do not agree with this, please leave the site immediately.

Privacy or Confidentiality

At our site, we specify “Personal Data” as following: 1) it refers to any information related to you such as a full name, the year and date of the birth, place of birth. 2) interaction methods mentioned by you such as email address, mailing address or mobile number. 3) marital, social information. 4) property status. 5) education, degree, occupation, and income. 4) other information that allows us to know more about you. 6) credentials, bank accounts.

Usually, for using our site and registering process, we only process with your full name and billing and mailing addresses. However, we reserve the right to inquire for more details at any time that are permitted by law.

How We Use Personal Data

Most of the services we post on our site do not require collecting your personal data except the registration or ordering processes. They allow us to deliver the services and goods to any party within the fastest time. Besides, the distribution of medicines, especially the ones requiring prescriptions proceeds with inquiring for additional documents that permit us to understand if a party is of full legal age. In such situations, when you decide not to give us this data, you cannot access certain services. If you agree, we can easily bill you for the goods you requested and we can faster provide you with other services such as prescription transfer or filling a prescription for you.

From time to time, we organize reading the statistics that help us to understand the most demanding products and services. We may also take for analysis your birth information to find out what is the average age of our clients.

We may collect the information on your medical history when we deal with your prescriptions. If you do not want to share it, please fill out your prescriptions on your own.

We encourage all the parties who would like to contact us for buying products, using particular services or for collaboration and partnership, to be ready at any time to provide our experts with additional details.

Non-Disclosure Rules

We do not sell, share or even distribute any of your personal data to third parties except your health care provider but upon your permission. Marketing purposes, data management or technical support issues may disclose your information but within our framework. It means that only our marketing and IT specialists will have access. By no means, we share it with parties who have no relation to our services. If at any time, we grant access to some parties who start a collaboration with us, they are bound to sign an agreement with us to use your Personal Data exclusively following the frames mentioned under the agreement.

Protection of Data

Both new and regular clients or visitors of our site may rest assured knowing all the information is safely stored and protected. We use the latest encryption of the data that makes it impossible to reach via hacking or unauthorized access. When filling in our designated form for registration, you are asked to input a password and login. Such measures deprive you of facing fraud and protect you from identity theft.

Investigation Disclosure

Note, we do not hold any attempts to identify our users or customers when they buy our products, services or use the site. However, in the event of any governmental investigation, a specialized law enforcement institution reserves the right to inspect. Please, if you do not agree to comply with this event, we recommend you to leave our site.

Except for the information specified above, we guarantee you the safety and confidentiality of all your personal data. Also, from our side, we are ready to provide you with additional information if you feel you are no more safe or confidential with us.

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