Give Your Business A Major Boost With Our Advertising Programs: Terms & Benefits

Our online pharmacy accepts advertising from third parties. It may include banners, microsites, links, modules, and other content. To find out the eligibility of your advertisement, please contact us ( Advertisers are solely responsible for the accuracy of the advertising. From our side, we have created a guideline where any potential advertisers can see the rules of promoting their content.

In the below-mentioned list, we will refer to My Canadian Pharmacy as a Provider, and third-parties as Advertiser.

  1. A provider has a complete right to determine any type of advertising at any time.
  2. A provider can decline the proposition of Advertiser for posting his content if he finds it inaccurate and considers it inappropriate looking for the online pharmacy design.

3. By no means, we accept the next categories of Advertisements:

  • illegal content including the promotions of illegal drugs, or medications that cannot be distributed without prescriptions, advertisements of alcohol, and other harmful content that can make an impact on the human mind.
  • fraudulent links, or modules that redirect people to a website where they can be deceived or come across computer viruses.
  • any kind of discriminatory content that ridicules or attacks a group of individuals based on their age, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender.
  • displaying of weapons or fireworks
  • any kind of gambling websites

Besides, make sure your advertisement does not contain pornography content or the one with erotic features, promotion of tobacco use, and the simulations of an emergency. In case a third-party is looking for a platform for marketing activity, including the promotion of its website, the social network itself or social network group/page, blog, video, search engines, the same guideline applies to regulate the content.

Provider strictly monitors all the third-party advertisements along with marketing promotions whether they comply with laws and regulations. Once, Provider notices any violation of rules, he terminates the collaboration once and forever. Keep in mind, all illegal activities including the promotions are punishable by law.

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