Generic Levitra or Vardenafil for Male Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra is a potent and fast-acting medicine that is widely recommended to treat the impairment of sexual function in men, generally known as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. ED is a frequent sexual disorder characterized by a continual inability to achieve and retain a strong erection, sufficient to engage in sexual intercourse. The statistics on the subject are relentless: over 30% of men aged 18 to 40 occasionally experience difficulties with sexual performance, and men over 60 years old are 4 times more likely to develop a severe and persistent form of erectile dysfunction.

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What Signs Can Tell You It Is Time To Pay A Visit To Your Doctor?

Failing to produce a satisfying erection or maintain its hardness throughout the sex act is something that occasionally happens to every man. This could be due to a variety of factors such as physical or mental exhaustion, work-related stress, overeating, or excessive drinking. Such situational erectile malfunctioning should not be a cause for much alarm because as soon as the triggering event is removed, things are usually back to normal. On the other hand, if unsatisfactory erections persist and your sexual experience gets more frustrating over time, it could be a sign of a serious underlying condition.

Modern medicine identifies six main criteria, on which a man can be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction:

  • drastically decreased sexual urge and low interest for a sexual relationship
  • inability to evoke an erection even if the man feels sexually aroused
  • the erection is not firm or lasting enough for penetration
  • inability to perform a sex act for a long time
  • inability to ejaculate
  • inability to achieve an orgasm

Erectile dysfunction can be of organic or psychogenic origin. Organic ED is commonly associated with some kind of physiologic disorders like urological conditions, endocrine diseases, or cardiovascular problems. Psychogenic ED is usually driven by psychological stresses such as depression, anxiety, a decrease in self-esteem, neuroses. In many cases, ED arises from a combination of emotional and physiological factors. For example, when a man experiences minor impairment in his ability to perform sexually due to some vascular problems, the anxiety caused by this can significantly aggravate the initial ED symptoms. Therefore, ED of mixed origin often requires a more complex multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

So It Is ED, What is Next?

Once the ED diagnosis has been established, there are a few possible treatment options available to men who want to restore their sexual function. They include medication, hormonal therapy, use of special vacuum erection devices (VEDs), and surgery. All of these methods vary in efficiency, safety, cost, and convenience, and the doctor should appoint them with due consideration of the patient’s individual needs and expectations for the ED treatment.

Medication treatment

The invention of oral fast-acting medications like Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra has made it much easier for men to deal with their erectile dysfunction problems. For patients in whom the use of such oral drugs is contraindicated, there are injectable medications that are administered directly into the penis shaft.

Hormonal replacement therapy

Hormonal therapy is usually advised to patients whose ED is associated with aging and natural reduction in the output of the testosterone hormone. If your body does not produce enough testosterone, replacement therapy is an efficient and safe alternative. However, this method might not be suitable for elderly patients whose ED is caused by some underlying medical conditions like diabetes or the use of certain meds.

Vacuum erection devices

Also known as vacuum constriction devices, they are 3-piece appliances that consist of a manual or automatic pump, constriction rings, and a cylinder. They work by creating a vacuum over the flaccid penis and causing rapid blood flow to the male organ. Blood outflow is prevented by applying special constriction rings. This ED treatment solution is especially suitable for men who do not tolerate medications very well.

Surgical installation of penile implants

This ED treatment option involves the insertion of a special semirigid or hydraulic prosthesis directly into the penis. Whenever the patient wants to engage in sexual activity, he will either use a pump connected to the hydraulic implant to get an erection or just put the penis into the required position for sex. This method has shown the highest satisfaction levels among patients and is often prescribed in cases where other ED treatment options failed.

Although all these methods are more or less comparable with one another in terms of their efficiency and safety, the majority of ED patients today still favor the medication treatment option because of its flexibility, immediate action, and ease of use.

In Which Way Does Generic Levitra Work to Restore Male Sexual Function?

Vardenafil – the main active component of Generic Levitra – has a similar mode of action to other popular ED meds like Viagra and Cialis. It falls under the class of PDE5 selective inhibitor medications that are designed to increase penile response to erotic stimulation by widening the vessels that bring blood to the penis and narrowing the vessels, through which the blood leaves the organ. By temporarily disrupting the normal blood circulation in the penis, Levitra helps men get a hard erection. While Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis all selectively target the same PDE5 enzyme, which heavily interferes with men’s ability to produce and keep a firm erection, Levitra shows the highest selectivity in inhibiting other types of this enzyme such as PDE11 involved in the regulation of spermatogenesis.

Men are usually advised to take a single dose of Generic Levitra (vardenafil) 60 minutes before the anticipated coitus. However, Levitra has been known to start working as soon as 16 to 25 minutes past its oral administration and stay active for up to 12 hours. The one-time daily dose of Levitra is usually 10 mg, but your doctor can increase or decrease it based on how well your body responds to the drug.

What Properties Make Generic Levitra a More Favorable ED Treatment Option?

Vardenafil, which is the active substance of Levitra and some other medications for pulmonary artery hypertension, received the FDA’s approval for mass use in August 2003. The ED medication immediately became a huge hit due to its unparalleled safety and efficacy characteristics. Thus, Levitra is 5 to 10 times more potent than Viagra, meaning lesser doses of Levitra are needed for the desired outcome, and, therefore, the chances of developing unwanted side effects are lower. One more crucial feature that differentiates Levitra from other PDE5 class inhibitor drugs like Viagra or Cialis is its much higher selectivity, which ensures a very favorable safety profile for this medication. There are fewer side effects observed in patients who take Levitra for their erectile dysfunction problems. Another distinct advantage for Levitra is that is has proved to work more effectively than other ED meds in men whose erectile dysfunction was the result of diabetes or prostatectomy. Other essential benefits of Levitra include a quick onset and a prolonged duration of action. There is some available evidence suggesting that the drug starts to act in as little as 16 minutes upon its administration and remains active for up to 12 hours.

Known Side Effects and Contraindications That Men Taking Generic Levitra Must Be Aware Of

Levitra, original and generic, is an efficient first-line ED treatment option, but not all men are medically eligible to take it.

Thus, Levitra is strictly contraindicated in:

  • patients with angina who take nitrate medications for their heart problems
  • patients who take alpha-blockers for their high blood pressure or prostatic hyperplasia of the benign nature
  • patients who have recently had a stroke or a heart attack
  • patients with hemoglobinopathies or haemopathologies
  • patients with peptic ulcer
  • patients with severe kidney or liver problems
  • patients with penile malformations
  • patients with vision or hearing loss problems

If you are taking any drugs for any of the named health problems, make sure you tell your prescribing physician about them before he starts you on Levitra.

Levitra is known to have a range of mild to adverse side effects in patients. Most commonly, men who are take Levitra for treating their ED report experiencing flushes, headaches, sickliness, and dyspepsia.  Some of the less frequent and more dangerous symptoms include changes in vision or hearing, ear buzzing, pains in the chest, heartbeat irregularities, breathing trouble, seizures, and uncomfortably long or painful erections. If that is the case, patients should stop taking Levitra and seek medical attention at once.

Generic or Original Levitra: Which One to Go For?

Ever since the famous Viagra (sildenafil) hit the shelves of drugstores in 1998, men affected by erectile dysfunction have been desperate to try it. However, a major downside of this and other branded ED meds is the sky-high price that makes such medicine unaffordable for many patients who would otherwise want to use it regularly. The invention of generic ED medications solved this problem. With no need to invest money into research and development, testing, patenting, marketing, and promotion, generic drug manufacturers can offer their medications at a much more competitive price.

Levitra is the name of the original drug, and its generic copy is called Staxyn (or just generic Levitra). The two medications are FDA-approved and produce the same powerful, long-lasting effect, and their safety parameters are identical too. The price of Staxyn, which is many times lower than of original Levitra, is the only crucial difference.

That said, plenty of cheap analogs of Levitra and Staxyn available today claim to have the same action, but their quality and safety characteristics are very doubtful. Most of the time, these meds are produced illegally and do not pass any verification or testing whatsoever.

Let Us Bust Some Myths About Generic Levitra, Shall We?

Myth №1: Taking a pill of Levitra is all a man needs to engage in sex with his partner.

Levitra, just like any other known ED drug, works towards enabling a man to get and maintain a hard erection. However, sexual stimulation is a necessary precondition for that erection to take place.

Myth №2: You can eat or drink whatever you want – Levitra will still work.

While it is true that Levitra’s work is not gravely affected by food or drinks, fatty meals or too much alcohol can slow down its absorption, postponing the onset of the desired effect.

Myth №3: Unlike Viagra or Cialis, Levitra is completely safe for diabetics and elderly patients.

Levitra (vardenafil) acts more safely and efficiently than Viagra or Cialis in people whose erectile function problems are caused by pancreatic diabetes and in men over the age of 60. However, it is not equally suitable for anyone fitting those criteria. There are quite a few contraindications and adverse drug interactions known. The patient needs to discuss those with his doctor before he starts taking Levitra.

Myth №4: Generic Levitra is a dangerous counterfeit; you must stick to the original medication only.

Generic does not mean fake or substandard. As with the majority of medications designated to treat male erectile dysfunction of varied etiology, Levitra has several cheaper generic versions whose safety and efficacy are on par with the original drug. The best-known generic of Levitra is distributed under the name of Staxyn. To stay on the safe side, always purchase your ED meds from a trusted pharmacy.

Myth №5: Women can take Levitra too for their ED.

Levitra works on the physiological level only and does not boost sex drive, and since the origins of female erectile dysfunction are often psychological, there is not much point for women to take the drug.

Myth №6: You need to pre-plan your sexual activities with Levitra.

That is not necessarily true. While Levitra is less flexible than Cialis when it comes to choosing a convenient time for sexual intercourse, its duration of action is usually long enough to allow men to reintroduce some spontaneity into their sex life.

The Bottom Line

Generic Levitra is a robust ED medication with higher selectivity towards inhibiting PDE5 type enzymes and a generally favorable safety profile. The drug can be successfully used in men with erectile dysfunction of various origin and severity. It is suitable for men who do not need to be sexually active very often and would rather take a pill of Levitra on an as-needed basis.

Important Disclaimer:

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