10 Drugs Not Recommended for Application

When people browsing the Internet to find the best solution for the treatment of their health-related problem, they can come across various drugs. But, usually, the vendors who distribute them hide the consequences or harmful side effects integral to their application. Thus, consulting a doctor is not only a must but a life-saving activity. Keep in mind, it is necessary to remember that prescribing a remedy on one’s own only because it has plenty of good reviews and feedback is dangerous. Other reasons we will cover below. Here is a My Canadian Pharmacy list of top 10 medicines that you should avoid and that are rarely recommended by dedicated experts.

Drugs Not Recommended


If such a name says you nothing, check their representatives. Valium, Ativan, and Xanax are regular medications prescribed by the doctors. Their main target is to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and many other symptoms. Why it is better to avoid them? Such precaution concerns only elderly people. If they intake Valium without the permission of the doctor, the side effects may show themselves in the worst sense. For example, a person may experience fatigue, memory loss. So, if an elderly person already struggles from losing a memory, it will only deteriorate the condition.

Amitriptyline and Imipramine

Such anticholinergic drugs as Elavil, Artane are in most cases avoided for a prescription. They can deal with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or depression. These representatives work by affecting the central nervous system, and again if they are used by elderly men, there are increased chances to experience urinating issues, and constipation. If young people turn to their application, it is possible to face confusion.

Particular Antihistamines

Benadryl is one of the over-the-counter drug aimed to treat mainly allergies. Also, in a few cases, it is used for insomnia, even nausea. As far as such prescriptions are not targeted problems, they can cause complications, especially in young people. Blurred vision, dry mouth are only slight adverse reactions. Other consequences are complicated urinating that may lead to bladder inflammation and even problems with sexual intercourses.

Pain Relievers

Demerol is an opioid medication that should be avoided by all means. It is used to relieve short-term pain, but only when the analogs cannot cope with this task. Usually, it is used in surgical operations. So, for regular application, it is strictly forbidden. The most common side effects when intaking it without the previous consent of a doctor are a slow heartbeat, a feeling like you are dying, and confusion.

Muscle Relaxants

Soma works by affecting and blocking the pain in muscles. But, it is used for short-term treatment only. Why it is so dangerous in the application? Because it may provoke severe allergic reactions due to strong components. Meprobamate or carisoprodol are among them. Also, if a person suddenly stops the intake of Soma, there are withdrawal symptoms. The adverse reactions are hallucinations, convulsions.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Such drugs as Aleve and Motrin may cause damage to kidneys. They are prescribed for treating the pain in the body by affecting the hormones. But, some people intake them without checking an organism for allergies. For example, if a person has an intolerance to aspirin, it is strictly forbidden to turn to its application. Also, they may provoke stomach bleeds and heart stroke.

Certain Diabetes Medicines

Diabinese is used to cope with the second type of diabetes. When people turn to the application of this drug, all the intakes should be constantly checked by the dedicated expert. Because even a small change in the dosage immediately provokes an upset stomach and may lead to dangerously low sugar levels.

Estrogen Remedies

All the drugs related to this category are solely prescribed by the doctor. They serve for treating menopause symptoms. Besides, danger lays in interacting with other drugs. In most of the cases, when a person intakes pills for other problems, estrogen ones minimize the effect and may provoke severe allergic reactions. On the other hand, doctors do not avoid their prescription but they precisely check the intake, dosage, and emergence of even slight side effects. When speaking of adverse reactions, it is an increased risk of breast cancer.


This drug is used to treat heart failure, and also irregular heartbeat in older people. Again, it is not avoided for prescription but should be used with caution. Most of the side effects are connected with the increasing dosage that may provoke the toxicity, and harmfully affect the kidneys especially in patients who already have related problems.


Haldol or Seroquel are the remedies aimed to treat the behavioral problems in people with dementia. But, when elder people use them without previous consultation with a doctor, there are high chances to experience a stroke, and even death. Such lethal consequences are common. So, if turning to their application, permission from a doctor is a must.

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