Assuring The Quality Of Products And Services

In matters of healthcare and pharmaceutical products, quality must never be compromised. And even though the price of the medications we offer is considerably lower than in many other pharmacies, this affordability is not achieved at the expense of safety. We at Canadian Pharmacy have a rigid system of protocols that ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical items that we offer on the pages of our website, be it brand or genenric drugs – below we will share with you the principles according to which we hand-pick the products that are going to make a part of our formulary.

How is the quality of a drug ensured?

The quality of the drug you take mainly depends on three factors:

  • raw materials: active principle (the “real” medicinal product is defined, as the therapeutic action depends on it) and excipients (non-active components with various functions, for example protecting the active principle from heat, cold, humidity, make the taste of medicines more pleasant and more)
  • the manufacturing process
  • the checks carried out before, during and after the manufacturing process, which ensure that the medicine maintains its properties and its safety until the last day of validity shown on the package

All pharmaceutical companies are required by law to comply with the GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices, a set of procedures that indicate how medicines of any type must be made – equivalent drugs included! – ensuring its quality and safety starting from the ingredients used. The GMP have been adopted by more than 100 countries around the world, including Canada.

In order to provide only the best medications whose quality has been confirmed, we only deal with manufacturers who are accredited and following the norms of GMP. In this way, out customers always can be certain that they are paying for safe medications produced using high quality materials and exquisite manufacturing process.

What do the Good Manufacturing Practices provide?

To comply with the GMP, the pharmaceutical company must:

  • document every aspect of the manufacturing process
  • provide staff with special training
  • actively take care of cleaning and sanitizing
  • regularly check the proper functioning of the tools and machinery
  • handle complaints
  • have a quality control service to carry out the necessary tests for raw materials and intermediate and finished products.

The informational support: ensuring the accuracy

At our website you can find detailed descriptions of medical products, alongside with expert advice on how to use them. It is true that these materials are not published as direct instructions for our readers and customers to follow and their purpose is purely informative, still we make a point of providing only relevant, accurate and regularly updated bits of information.

Correct use of medical products is a huge part of success in any therapy. Furthermore, increasing awareness about medical conditions, available treatments and prevention of diseases is a great step on the way to a healthier nation. Therefore, making sure that the materials we share with our readers are full and contain no errors is one of our major priorities. All the textual content you can see on our website is created professionally and run through multiple check points. We also encourage our readers and subscribers to let us know if any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided are detected.

We remind you that although the quality of materials we share with you is excellent, they are not intended to be used without doctor’s opinion and approval. Medical appointment is required before initiation of any therapy.

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