Know Your Rights With Terms of Sale

Dear customers, for your convenience we created a designated page where you can find out our Terms of Sale. If you want to get to know more than we mentioned here, please feel free to contact our customer support team.


Any party who is willing to order with us is a subject to comply with our terms of sale. Before placing an order, make sure to read them to understand whether we are on the same page.

All the regulations indicated on this page are aimed to enhance the ordering process. Thus, this guide will help to understand how we deal with the orders, how we ship and deliver, and what are the policies when a client requests a reimbursement or cancellation.

Note, if you want to buy a drug with us, you have to register and create a personal account. First of all, it will let us know if you have a right to proceed with such orders. Secondly, it is convenient for clients who regularly order medications. All the previously indicated information is stored and back up. So, no double-entry and waste of time.

How Does It Work

Those who will order medication or any other product with us for the first time, after placing an order, should check their email. There, they must receive a confirmation. In case, you do not have such an email, it means your order did not proceed. Check maybe you made a mistake, otherwise, let us know about such events. If you received a confirmation, you have to wait for us to ship and deliver your parcel.

Those who need to order a medication that is only dispensed with a prescription should make sure to attach it. After that, they need to indicate obligatory information. Only then, they will also receive a confirmation letter on the email.

Keep in mind, sometimes our experts may hesitate or find your personal data invalid or incorrect. In such events, we can call you to follow up. Also, in case you inquire about medication without having a prescription, we will not proceed with shipping. For such cases, we offer a service of filling it for you. Provide us with a few details, and we will do the rest.

Note, MCP reserves the full right to reject your order. However, we will explain to you why. Such events happen for various reasons. Some of them are due to the non-availability of a product, it may be out of stock, or your prescription contains a mistake.

Distribution of Controlled Drugs

At MCP, we comply with a strict policy to not dispense controlled substances or any kind of narcotics. If you find an online pharmacy, that distributes such types of medication, feel free to report this case. Note, even if you have a valid prescription to buy controlled drugs, we will not provide you with such services. For those who want to find out whether one or another drug belongs to this group, visit the official healthcare website of your country, and find the list.

How We Display

Our pharmacists daily monitor the goods catalog and make sure all the information posted on our website is valid and relevant including the descriptions and instructions of drugs. However, we cannot guarantee their full accuracy or completeness. We share only generalized information obtained from the manufacturers. And, if you want to know more, refer your questions directly to them.

The images or video materials on medications distributed with us also serve for informational purposes only. We can modify, change or delete them. Once you receive a parcel that does not correspond to the image posted on our site, you may request a refund or cancellation. But, from our side, we guarantee its authenticity and we do our best to update illustrations once they are subject to change.


Today, all our clients have free shipping. We proceed with it after confirming you made a payment and indicated a valid address to send your parcel to. The delivery rates vary, especially if concerning the international ones.

Make sure, upon the delivery you are at home because a signature will be needed. If you are absent during the delivery time, another person may receive and sign for it upon your permission. However, it should be a person of full legal age. Check your parcel on the spot. If you are absent and no one is at home, a delivery worker will send your parcel to the nearest post office from where you have to collect it within 5 days. After the expiration of 5 days, the additional charges from the post office will apply. After some time, if you did not manage to collect your parcel, it will be automatically returned to our pharmacy.

Besides, we have a right to decline to ship the goods to clients who reside in other countries. Details on whether your country is eligible for supply can be received by contacting our customer support team.

Cancellation of Orders

A client who placed his order with us has a right to cancel the order only before we start its shipment. Thus, for such events, make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

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