What Is the Safe Level of Methylmercury in Fish and Drinking Water?

Fortunately, in the USA the problem of methylmercury pollution has not reached a warning level so far. If you follow our recommendations that you can find on this page, you are likely to avoid any associated health problems.

Still, it is advisable to keep in mind the level of this chemical that is considered to be safe for water and foods. So, for drinking water the amount of inorganic mercury should not exceed 2 micrograms per liter. As for fish, the main point is to avoid (or at east to reduce) the consumption of the species that are considered to be rich in this chemical.

In general, US authorities and medical experts suggest that a portion of 0.1 micrograms of mercury per 1 kilogram of your weight is a maximum. Make sure you do not exceed it.

Does Exposure to Methylmercury Influence Men’s Health?

Methylmercury is the poison that accumulates in tissues in different parts of a body. Consequently, in case of long-lasting and exposure, it can have negative influence on literally every system of an organism, and male reproductive organs are not an exception.

According to researchers, such exposure can cause even such a serious problem as erectile dysfunction. It is known that the number of men suffering from this disorder is over 30 million, so, it is widespread enough. It is so crucial to highlight that erectile dysfunction is the problems which affects all the spheres of life: from relations within a family to career.

No doubt, when it comes to preventing difficulties with erection, one’s lifestyle plays a major role. Experts insist that sticking to healthy habits, such as exercising on a regular basis, maintaining an optimal weight or opting for healthy and high-quality food, is a must. Sure, when we speak about the quality of products, we mean their safety as well. Consequently, while choosing, for example, fish, one should pay attention to its exposure to toxic chemicals, including methylmercury.

But what can one do if he has already faced problems with erection? Adjust his lifestyle and eating habits and try medications. Today, there is a large selection of safe and effective medicines for treating erectile dysfunction available in the market. You are likely to feel the difference at once after you take the first pill.

Sure, when you visit your local drugstore, it may turn out that the medicine recommended by your doctor is too expensive. But, today there is one more option available ― online pharmacies. As a rule, prices are much more affordable there.

How Does My Canadian Pharmacy Help Those Suffering from Health Problems Associated with Methylmercury Pollution?

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online drugstore distributing affordable and top-quality drugs to consumers from all around the world. We realize that the high level of environmental pollution is one of the factors that have the biggest influence on people’s health.

So, we make every effort to inform our users about the dangers associated with this problem and to help them deal with the consequences:

  • We use our website to publish informative materials concerning the most pressing issues.
  • We provide our customers with professional support 24/7. Feel free to contact our specialists if you notice any symptoms of methylmercury poisoning or just want to ask some questions about this problem. You can communicate with experienced pharmacists via our online chat, that’s easy and convenient. Besides, such consultations are conducted on an anonymous basis, so that you can feel absolutely comfortable and can sincerely tell us about the most delicate problems. You can count on us to listen to you carefully, to provide you with all the crucial information you need to know about your problem and to suggest a safe and effective solution.
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So, if you want to learn more about the problem of methylmercury pollution or face the consequences of poisoning, turn to My Canadian Pharmacy, we know how to help you.

To sum up, the methylmercury pollution of fish and drinking water is the problem that requires much attention. Both authorities and regular citizens should keep it on their radar screen. Mind it every time you take a decision to enjoy some kind of a fish meal, since the consequences of poisoning may be dramatic.

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