Ventolin HFA Online (Salbutamol) for Bronchospasm and Asthma

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Ventolin is a medication occasionally used to deal with breathing problems. It can fit asthmatic and allergic people who struggle from pollen, dust, and pet wool. However, a doctor may prescribe Ventolin for other health conditions where Ventolin is believed to work and provide relief. The list of applications is extensive but mostly limited to pulmonary issues.

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Please, consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any product discussed within this website.

Drug Class:
Active Ingredient:
Salbutamol Sulfate
Available dosage:
Pack size:
from 1 to 6 inhalers
Albuterol, Salbutamol

Ventolin is a U.S. trade name, generics are Albuterol and Salbutamol. It is usually used with an inhaler which tells how many sprays left to use and comes in two sizes such as of 200 and 60 sprays. Liquid, pill and intravenous solutions are available as well.

Ventolin is believed to be responding most for short-term relief. Once, one has an asthma attack, its application may provide a person with a quick relief after inhaling. This medication is approved by the FDA for bronchospasm treatment in adults and pediatrics but not under 2 years old. Always do speak to your doctor about a safe application, it may not be fit your particular case.

Top 3 Facts About Ventolin (Albuterol)

Ventolin seems to be a relatively safe medication if taken as directed and under a doctor’s supervision. At the same time, its history and use have been always covered with interminable controversy.

  1. Ventolin was once banned from use during the Olympic Games. In 1972, the first Olympic Games have been organized with doping control. And, Ventolin has been thought to be stimulant and increase performance or benefit athletes in their competitions. By 1986, it was suspended with no right to use during the games. Later on, it was allowed but only under certain circumstances. An athlete should confirm he has asthma and he needs it to breathe properly. Only with a verified diagnosis, Ventolin is accepted for use during the Olympic Games today.
  2. As per research and numerous studies, Ventolin seems to be safe for a prescription in pregnant women, children, and nursing mothers. There is no potential risk of malformations or abnormalities in the fetus. However, it is still crucial to speak to your doctor about its usefulness for your health condition.
  3. Ventolin inhalers are considered the fastest relief for people with asthma. They are sometimes called relievers because one puff and one can feel better. However, it is necessary to monitor how many puffs you require weekly, as their increased number may alert that you need another help.

All in all, Ventolin is related to fewer side effects, and higher efficacy.

Top 5 Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it fit for use in severe asthma or COPD?

If a doctor diagnoses one with such health conditions, it is a typical sign to turn to a nebulizer. It helps a person breathe a mist through a mask. Such a machine is available in hospitals where one can be sent to relieve severe symptoms of COPD or asthma. Otherwise, it is available for home application.

  • Do I need a prescription?

Yes. Breathing problems may be signals of other serious illnesses, so a doctor should ensure you have asthma or COPD, or bronchospasm. Only after, you get a prescription with which you can buy this medication on a regular basis. Do not diagnose yourself at sole discretion, even in a situation when you believe you have a hereditary predisposition.

  • Can Ventolin intervene with my current intake of medications?

Yes. Like any other medication, it may interact with certain agents, herbs, or even health supplements. If you take Ventolin without a doctor’s approval and simultaneously take other drugs, it can result in severe side effects, deterioration of your current well-being. Make sure to speak to your doctor before taking Ventolin.

  • When should I use Ventolin?

Take it as prescribed by your physician. Usually, patients with breathing problems turn to its use on-demand. So, there is no need to follow a certain regimen. Do not take it more than 4 times per day. Such a need only alerts you about more serious health conditions ongoing in your body.

  • Does it affect fertility or contraception?

There is no evidence about its effects when you take contraception pills or you plan to become pregnant. However, you should always speak to your physician if you have childbearing intentions, as he may prescribe you a completely reverse approach to affect your breathing problems.

How Much Does Salbutamol Cost?

Today, the price varies between generic and brand Ventolin.

Inhalation Aerosol:

  • 8 grams of brand Ventolin supply may cost approximately $33. 18 grams $67.
  • generic of 6.7 grams is available at $22, 8.5 grams at $26, and 18 grams at $28.

Oral Tablets Generic-Only:

  • 30 tablets of 2/4mg strengths cost $166.

Syrup Generic-Only:

  • 473ml — $23.


  • $25–$38.

Besides, you can get a discount coupon to cut the price.

How Does Ventolin Works and What Can It Help With?

Ventolin belongs to the bronchodilator medication class. It is believed to weaken the muscles of the airways and then assists the breathing process. Primarily, it elevates the effects of beta 2 receptors. So, the help for your breathing attacks or complications with the inhalers is immediate.

Commonly, Ventolin is prescribed for:

  • Bronchial asthma: stopping asthma attacks, prevention of attacks of bronchospasm associated with exposure to an allergen or caused by physical exertion; use as one of the components in long-term maintenance therapy of bronchial asthma;
  • COPD, accompanied by reversible airway obstruction;
  • Chronic bronchitis.

It may be prescribed to treat other health conditions not listed above.

What Should You Know About Ventolin Before the Intake?

First off, this medication may not be fit for your particular case. Secondly, it is not prescribed in the following situations:

  • one has an allergy to the components of the medication;
  • one has lactose intolerance;
  • one already takes other medications to treat breathing and not health conditions.
  • for children under 2;
  • for women who have a risk of miscarriage.

Also, try to cut down the number of cigarettes or quit smoking, as it may only deteriorate your state.

Dosing Regimen

Ventolin comes in tablets and oral solution forms. Take it as prescribed by the doctor. If you have an inhaler, turn to the instruction mentioned in the leaflet from the manufacturer, as it may describe step by step how to safely inhale Ventolin.

The common procedure with inhalers may look like this:

  1. Adjust the respirator container firmly to the actuator;
  2. Shake your inhaler as much as possible and each time before the application;
  3. Remove the cap, ensure it is clean;
  4. Keep mouthpiece down;
  5. Put it in your mouth and close it with your lips firmly;
  6. Breathe in as much as possible;
  7. After you inhale, hold your breath for 10–15 seconds.
  8. Start breathing as normal.

If you need to inhale more than one time each intake, wait for 1 minute and repeat the procedure. The dosing regimen with tablets vary. Usually, adults should take no more than 32mg per day, while children no more than 24mg per day. If you are prescribed with oral solution/syrup, the initial dosage is 2mg 3 times per day.


  1. Speak to your doctor if you have a history of heart problems, especially such as stroke, angina.
  2. Do not drink alcohol or operate heavy machinery alongside Ventolin until you know how this medication works for your particular case. Usually, such interactions may affect your alertness and cause dizziness.
  3. If you plan to have surgery or dentistry, inform a doctor about your use of Ventolin, as it may affect the effects of anesthetics.
  4. If you are pregnant, use Ventolin only when it is needed.
  5. Do not exceed the number of puffs without a doctor’s approval.

Side Effects

Ventolin may cause side effects. Speak to your doctor to avoid negative outcomes and never alter the regimen prescribed by your physician.

Rare side effects are:

  • irregular or fast heartbeat;
  • headache;
  • muscle pain or cramps;
  • nervousness;
  • chest pain;
  • cough;
  • irritability.

They are of temporary nature and may rarely occur in patients. With time, your body gets used to the Ventolin application, and side effects may no longer bother you. Overdose events are likely to occur when Ventolin is taken as not directed. Monitor your feeling when you take this medication.

The Bottom Line

Ventolin is a pharmaceutical golden standard to treat breathing problems. However, its use should be monitored and controlled by a doctor. The side effects are rare and occur when the medication is misused. If you believe it may fit your health condition, speak to your doctor about its prescription, and find discount coupons for purchase.

Disclaimer: The information on medications is presented only for one’s acknowledgment. It can not substitute a consultation with a doctor. It is not intended to diagnose one or advice on treatment. The descriptions of medications are based on data received from manufacturers, dedicated experts, and occasionally taken from customers’ reviews that have been selected randomly for example. Do not retrieve, copy, or use data for promotional and commercial purposes, as all data is protected by copyrights. If you believe you experience side effects or overdose, this site cannot serve an emergency place, please call 911 immediately. If you believe the text contains discrepancies or mistakes, we do not bear responsibility for them, as the nature of information predispose the changes, and may differ from time to time. From our side, we make sure we update information.

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