Rating of the Most Unexpected Requests to Canadian Online Pharmacies

Online Canadian pharmacies are visited by different kinds of people, who come in to get prescription drugs, pick up wellbeing supplies, and ask questions about pharmaceuticals and their application. Generally, these questions revolve around serious issues, and online pharmacists give precise and exhaustive answers to them. But sometimes, these inquiries are absolutely bizarre, or visitors make ridiculous errors while describing what they need, involving the consultant into an amazing guesswork game.

Unexpected Requests

Here it is, the rating of the weirdest requests to Canadian online pharmacies to brighten your day, make you smile, and, perhaps, increase your pharmaceutical awareness.

Syringes for injecting glue under wallpaper

This question makes seasoned online pharmacists scratch their heads. Nevertheless, people really search for some tools to remove air bubbles when the wallpaper is already in place, to pump out excessive paste lumps from under the wallpaper, or to do some other meticulous wallpaper work. Instruments of this kind do exist and are very handy in home improvement, but they are better to be asked in professional hardware supermarkets, not in online drugstores dispensing pharmaceutical miscellany for health, wellness, and beauty.

Sudafed for dogs

To begin with, dogs cannot catch a cold or get the flu, at least, not from a human, because most viruses (bacteria, infections) are species-specific and simply cannot pass between different fauna representatives. Consequently, drugs which are meant for people can be absolutely unsuitable or even dangerous to treat pets. Sudafed is a popular remedy for nasal congestion due to the common cold. People naively think that what is good for a human is equally good for an animal. Surely, this is far away from the truth. If you give your dog Sudafed, the pup can experience increased heart rate, blood pressure swings, and other frightening issues.

Vaginal contraceptive film

Vaginal contraceptive films or foams are dissolving contraceptives, which have gained traction owing to aggressive advertising. Women want them and buy them! Such a product is essentially a paper-thin film (or foam) containing a spermicide (an agent killing male seeds). The spermicide remains active for about an hour. Sounds pretty good and inspiring, doesn’t it? Still, we put this request into our rating because such solutions have only 60-70% effectiveness. This means that out of 100 women who rely exclusively on vaginal contraceptive films/foams, nearly 30-40 are very likely to get pregnant during a year.

Sanitary pads for shoes

A tad strange thing to seek in online pharmacies in Canada is sanitary pads for shoes. Those who are looking for this product, perhaps, spend too much time watching YouTube genuine (no) life hacks. There are many videos on YouTube advising to insert maxi pads with the sticky side down in high-heeled shoes to make them more comfortable. It is stated that a pad will serve as a little cushion, relieving the tension in legs as well as absorbing the moisture and smell. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not produce pads precisely for shoes, at least, not nowadays. But the idea can definitely hit, giving the number of similar requests pouring onto online Canadian pharmacies.

Drugs for impotence

You got it right: there are some women looking for medical products to suppress (not enhance!) sexual power in their male partners. They do so for many reasons: sometimes, because of jealousy or feelings of revenge. Some men are so extraordinarily active in bed that literally reduce their women to exhaustion. This is why ladies have no other option than to seek for remedies to pacify “male unappeasable hunger for sex”.

Love potion

Another embarrassing request to online pharmacies is love potions. Yes, these ones which you generally see in Disney cartoons about sorcerers. Though love potions somewhat relate to chemistry and pharmacology, online pharmacies in Canada do not sell them because the official science does not approve white (or black?) magic practices.

Eye brightening drops

They say that shine in the eyes works better than any kind of magic. Women who want more men to lie at their feet often look for eyedew to make their eye sparkle and dazzle anyone they meet. When it comes to beauty, women are ready for the most controversial experiments and do their research with online Canadian pharmacies.

Though online pharmacies are meant to make your drug shopping more convenient, oftentimes they cannot satisfy all the pharmaceutical needs the peculiar group of customers may have. E-commerce pharmacies are the source of professional medications only which can help manage conditions related to health and beauty. If you are looking for some weird stuff, feel free to try other relevant spots –fortunately, the Internet abounds with them.