Buying Prescription Medicines at Online Canadian Pharmacies: Myths and Facts

Do you want to reduce your drug expenses to the minimum without compromising the health? If yes, try buying your prescription medicines on the Internet ― from an online Canadian pharmacy. In fact, today millions of Americans and consumers from other countries use such platforms on a regular basis and save up to 90%.

Still, there are patients, who keep on overpaying for medications from local offline drugstores. The main reason for such a situation is widespread myths and prejudices about online Canadian pharmacies. Let’s have a close look at them, so that you have the opportunity to see that they do not reflect the actual situation.

Prescription Medicines

  1. Buying medicines online is unsafe

Today, billions of people prefer online stores as an alternative to offline ones. Ordering clothes, shoes, cosmetics, gadgets, foods and other goods on the Internet is common practice, so, why not to buy medicines in the same convenient way?

Some consumers may think that Internet drugstores work illegally and are not monitored in any way. But, in fact, there are authorities and laws that regulate their operation. When it comes to safety issues, there is no difference between pharmacies working online and offline.

  1. Drugs are cheaper online, because they are unsafe and ineffective

In most cases, Internet platforms distribute the same products as traditional drugstores do, although their assortment may be wider. The point is that running online pharmacies requires much less money, since their owners can save on hiring a large number of employees, renting premises for affiliates, regular renovations and other expenditure items. Consequently, drugstores working on the Internet can afford to set lower prices.

  1. Medications in Canada are much more affordable than in the USA because of the poorer quality

It is well-known that drug prices in the USA are the highest in the world. Such a situation is caused by a number of factors, but the main one is the absence of the governmental regulation of prices, pharmaceutical companies can set any prices they consider to be reasonable. But in Canada prices should be approved by authorities, they compare proposals from manufacturers with the situation in other countries with the similar economy. As a result, Canadians may pay for the same products up to 90% less, compared to Americans.

There is one more point that is crucial to mention: the US government is currently striving to solve the problem of high drug prices. There are several solutions proposed. One of them is to legalize the importation of drugs from Canada. As of now, such a step has not been implemented yet, but such an intention serves as an argument for the safety of medicines sold in Canada.

  1. Buying drugs from abroad is illegal in the USA

According to US laws, the importation of medicines is prohibited. But, as of now, the FDA sticks to the policy, which allows US citizens to purchase medications from abroad, in case they do not resell them. So, if you order medicines from an online Canadian pharmacy for personal use only, you are unlikely to be prosecuted.

  1. After you send personal information to an online pharmacy, it may share it with other commercial companies

In practice, most Internet drugstores take every step to protect their customers’ personal information. Ordering drugs online, you will feel even more comfortable than while visiting an offline facility, since you will not have to discuss your health problems with a pharmacist in front of other customers. When it comes to purchasing medications on the Internet, consultations with pharmacists are conducted on an anonymous basis, and all the information about the products ordered is kept private, it is indicated neither in the bills nor on the packages.

In addition, you can get acquainted with the privacy policy of a pharmacy on its website and make sure it is not going to share your personal information with any third parties. Find a couple of minutes to do that before placing an order.

Purchasing drugs online is considered to be safe enough. Still, you should take a number of precautions to avoid all the risks, associated with such shopping:

  • Study the website before placing any orders. There are platforms that distribute counterfeit and low-quality products or just get money out of their potential customers and send no medicines at all. To check, whether a pharmacy is trustworthy enough, pay attention to such details:
  • a year of opening (it is more preferable to use the drugstores that have entered the market at least a couple of years ago, so that you have the opportunity to check their reputation);
  • contact information (make sure you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the support team if needed);
  • customers’ reviews (find out whether clients are satisfied with the quality of goods and services);
  • prices (they should not be much lower than at all the other pharmacies, but keep in mind that generics can be significantly cheaper than original products, and that’s OK).
  • Be sure to visit your doctor before buying any prescription medicines. At most online pharmacies you can order any products without a prescription, still, getting a recommendation or a prescription from your doctor is a must. Most drugs have contraindications, so, self-treatment may lead to serious health consequences. Your doctor is the only one, who can choose the right medication and dosage for you, since he has access to the information about all your health problems, monitors the progression of the disease and has enough experience to take into consideration drug interactions and other aspects of treatment.
  • Scrutinize the instruction before taking any drugs. In case there are any additional information about the particular product on the website of the pharmacy, it is also advisable to read it.
  • If you notice any side effects, turn for the medical help. You can also contact the support team of the pharmacy, in most cases such platforms have licensed pharmacists in their team.

Follow the safety tips, which you can see above, and buying drugs online will provide you with advantages and positive experiences only.

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