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Compounded Medicines: What is It, Safe or Not, Where to Buy

Most patients haven’t even heard about compounds, since they are not so frequently prescribed. Still, there are billions of Americans who can’t do without them. Such products make their lives much easier and happier. Be sure to read this article up to the end, there is a chance that...

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Blood Pressure, Hypertension and Leading Risk Factors for Men in 2019

According to the new research, hypertension is one of leading risk factors that cause cardiovascular disorder in Canadian men. About 84% of men are aware that they have hypertension or any problems with blood pressure. Women get hypertension 10–15 years later than men, but their prognosis is usually worse, which...

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Concerned About Getting Rx Drugs from Canada? Here’s What to Know

Among the world’s nations, Americans spend the most on medication — an average of 1,200 per person annually. As the situation gets worse year by year, drugs becoming more expensive, and millions of people being unable to afford their medicines, drug price reduction is one of the most important...

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In Canada Pharmacists Can Act As Doctors for Senior Patients

Canadians are an aging nation, and that’s a problem affecting almost all the spheres of the life of the country: from the healthcare system to the economic development. So, in 2016 the number of the elderly was about 6 million, and that was 15,6% of the population. And it...

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The Big Money Club against Canada’s Pharmacare Plan

Everyone expected pharmacare to be a part of the federal budget, but it didn’t happen. Sharon Batt helps to shed some light on the situation. [Editor’s note: In Budget 2018, the Government of Canada announced the initiation of an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. However, last...

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