7 Erectile Dysfunction Medications Available at My Canadian Pharmacy

In case of occurrence of male ED issues, men start thinking which drug for erectile dysfunction in online pharmacies is the most efficient in practice. It is recommended to use tablets, drops, capsules, and other forms of medications, but a man must consult a specialist before taking them.  It is possible to purchase ED medications at My Canadian Pharmacy. Anyway, such purchase should not be used for tenuous self-medication.

Potency is a collective concept, since it characterizes reproductive capacity of a man, his sexual abilities and desire to have sexual relations. In case coitus finishes right after it started or a representative of stronger sex appears to have low libido steadily, a man has erectile dysfunction. In order to feel male strength, it is required to buy the remedy for potency boost and administer it strictly as per instruction. Thus, pleasure with sex may be returned fast, but in case a patient understands that these remedies rather remove symptoms than treat the ultimate cause.

ED Drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy

In order to enhance sexual excitement in a man, it is recommended visiting pharmacy and purchase reputed Viagra. While observation of daily doses of this drug, Viagra takes its action promptly and effectively. Anyway, attending physician draws patient’s attention to other not less safe drugs belonging to ED drugs. In fact, there are lots of analogues which are issues in a host of presentation forms. The ones act like Viagra, others remove impotency symptoms after determination and elimination from organism of the main initiating agent. ED pills are the safest and attested variant.

Moreover, this convenient presentation form allows imperceptibly taking the medicine perorally when it is essential. Chemical composition of the pills contains synthetic substances that send a signal to cerebral cortex for successful struggle against erectile dysfunction and unpleasant impotency symptoms. For instance, another remedy, Cialis gave a good account of it and is effective within 36 hours. Upon studying the group of stimulating drugs, it is important not to forget about high effectiveness of medicinal preparation, Levitra. Also, it is possible to select and purchase a number of other medicinal products that have a similar mechanism of action in male organism.

Overview of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

1. Viagra

Viagra is taken for correction of male erectile disorders. It is essential to know that erection doesn’t occur without man’s sexual arousal and not immediately after the pills intake. Viagra enhances blood supply due to improvement of blood circulation in pelvic area. Diagnostics of erectile impairments includes complete medical history and examination in order to expose possible causes and select effective therapy. Only afterwards, Viagra may be prescribed for correction of erectile dysfunction in case it is not a consequence of serious pathology. Active Viagra component is sildenafil. This chemical composition prevents from reuptake and utilization of nitrogen oxide due to inhibition of PDE5 activity. Apart from the main ingredient, each pill contains cellulose microcrystalline, stearate magnesium, croscarmellose sodium, titania, hydrophosphate calcium, lactose. The medication is issued in the form of blue pills with slightly prolonged shape and rounded edges. Each tablet contains 25, 50 and 100mg of active substance. Sildenafil participates in the process of nitrogen oxide metabolism that takes vasodilatory effect. With its smooth action on penile cavernous bodies’ tissue, Viagra promotes its relaxation. As a result, more blood gets transferred to male sexual organs, and erection occurs. Erection duration varies from 30 minutes to several hours regardless of the dosage.

2. Cialis

Cialis is a popular medicine for erectile dysfunction of different etiology.  Cialis’s active substance is tadalafil. This ingredient enhances blood stream to penile cavernous bodies promoting erection occurrence in case of sexual excitement. This is a good and effective medicine. Anyway, its cost is quite high, but the effectiveness is much longer than other PDE5 inhibitors compensating by 100% its expensive price. Plus, Cialis cannot be taken with alcohol in case a man has no issues with arterial blood pressure. Cialis is a medication of new generation that effectively copes with erectile disorders; therefore, this remedy is highly recommended for men suffering from diabetes causing steady erectile dysfunction. In fact, side-effects may take place in case of incorrect dose selection. Nevertheless, adverse effects are so insignificant that they do not require termination of Cialis. After Cialis intake, tadalafil gets well absorbed in organism. The concentration of the substance reaches its maximum concentration in two hours after the intake. Food intake and administration time do not take clinically significant influence on tadalafil absorption rate and its bioaccessibility. Around 94% of the substance stays in connection with plasma proteins.

3. Levitra

Levitra effect lies in not only enhancement of erection, but inhibition of premature ejaculation. The desired effect is achieved after the first application and has a prolonged action. Most men consider this medicinal product to be the best in its group of PDE5 inhibitors. They are attracted by fast onset time (20 minutes after intake). One pill is sufficient for several sexual intercourses, since Levitra action lasts not less than 10 hours. One-time application causes increased erection; whereas regular administration eliminates the issues in intimate sphere and enhances a number of sexual intercourses. Levitra is suitable for patients at any age group. Very often this remedy is prescribed in cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by the following impacts: stresses, incorrect dietary regimen, obnoxious habits, etc. One pill contains 20mg of active substance. Levitra is quite compatible with alcohol and fatty food and is better to be taken 30 minutes prior to coitus. According to customers’ reviews, the remedy is to be taken twice a week. Also, Levitra is suitable for episodic administration by sound men. In this case, it prolongs sexual intercourse and makes feelings more sensitive.

4. Cialis Super Active

Cialis Super Active is a special version of capsulized Cialis for prevention from male sexual disorders. The medication may be taken either for confidence during sexual activity, or for therapy of impotency. Cialis Super Active is issued in gelatinous capsules making the overall effect stronger. Each capsule contains 20mg of tadalafil. This is optimal dose which doesn’t require correction. It is better to take Cialis Super Active fasted when nothing prevents from its absorption. This drug is absorbed within 20-30 minutes. It is enough to swallow a capsule and drink with water. All in all, capsulized Cialis Super Active is much stronger than traditional Cialis due to its presentation form. The duration action of the pills takes 36 hours. Throughout Cialis Super Active action a man is able to have a number of successful sexual intercourses with minimal restoration time between the coituses. Alcohol and fatty food are better to be taken before the drug or in several hours after its administration. Anyway, like any pharmaceutical product, Cialis Super Active may cause some side-effects, such as nasal congestion, backache, or blushing.

5. Malegra FXT

Malegra FXT is new development in the area of unique medications combining simultaneously two reproductive functions. It effectively struggles against erectile dysfunction and prolongs sexual intercourse with possibility of exclusion of premature ejaculation. This medicine belongs to the group of medications of new generation and is distinguished from traditional remedies with higher performance and range of action. Malegra FXT successfully copes with sexual disorders of various genesis in men, has a complex approach and affordable price.

The basis of this drug is constituted by two active substances. The first substance is sildenafil that is an integral part of Viagra. It belongs to the group of selective inhibitors of PDE5 able to treat any forms of sexual disorders due to blood enhancement in pelvis. The second ingredient is fluoxetine from antidepressants group, but its combination in Malegra FXT doesn’t imply that it serves for prevention from negative mindset. It is required to maximally comfortably prolong sexual intercourse and exclude forced emission of seminal fluid. The main mechanism of action of sildenafil lies in slowing down PDE5 and corresponding inhibition of cyclic guanosine monophosphate accelerating synthesis of nitrogen oxide. Exactly this process launches productive mechanism of selective enhancement of penile arterioles and blood stream rate to cavernous bodies. Occurrence of sexual intercourse is an obligatory condition for effectiveness of Malegra FXT.

6. Cialis Soft Tabs

The main substance of Cialis Soft Tabs is tadalafil that is known very well and effectively applied for erectile dysfunction. One pill includes 20mg of tadalafil along with auxiliary agents, such as lactose, cellulose microcrystalline, croscarmellose, magnesium stearate, coating. Cialis Soft Tabs mechanism of action is realized by means of PDE5 inhibition.

Instruction to use contains information that Cialis application is indicative in the following cases:

  • Insufficient lax erection preventing from normal sexual activity.
  • ED, in particular, sexual incapacity caused by the following disorders of urinary system:
    1. benign prostatic hyperplasia;
    2. Prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases of urinary system.

It is critical to know that Cialis Soft Tabs therapy is not etiological. The impacts are aimed at elimination of the symptoms of disease, i.e. erectile dysfunction, but not of the cause of the disorder.  According to doctors’ reviews, in order to make the therapy really productive, it is essential to combine Cialis Soft Tabs 20mg or Cialis Soft Tabs 40mg with remedies of etiological therapy.

7. Malegra DXT

Malegra DXT is an innovation remedy that is able to solve several issues connected with potency at a time due to combination of active components. Sildenafil is a main ingredient of Viagra that is combined with the medicine able to solve the problems of ED of various etiology. Duloxetine allows a man to prolong sexual intercourse and protect oneself from premature ejaculation. Besides, duloxetine is able to provide a perfect mood and self-reliance. The remedy has a complex impact which is qualitatively different from analogous medications. Sildenafil is active substance of Viagra; therefore, its action is quite similar to Viagra’s one. Malegra DXT 100/30mg provides qualitative erection in case of the presence of sexual desire for the object of passion. Then, chemical processes get launched in organism.

What are main advantages of Malegra DXT?

  • Active ingredients are selected in ideal proportions maximally enhancing the action of both of them;
  • One tablet is able to solve four issues at a time: provides natural erection, prolongs sexual intercourse, removes premature ejaculation and uplifts the soul;
  • Perfect effect occurs in 30 minutes and lasts up to 15 hours.

All men having troubles with potency and premature ejaculation will not have to take loads of pills anymore. From now on, a person may administer only one Malegra DXT pill and solve several issues at a time.